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Summit Elevation Lift Ticket

Redeem your Summit Elevation pass here for 10-35% off already discounted online tickets.|
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Sugarloaf Lift Ticket

Get the best deals around when you purchase your Sugarloaf Lift Tickets online. Drop into the 2019-20 season with deep discounts of up to 40% when you buy online in advance. |

Mountain Magic

The Mountain Magic Program is a group lesson for kids ages 3-6 of all abilities, for half or full days. Our professional instructors keep the focus on fun, with most first-timers skiing on their own after just one day, and more experienced kids tackling the entire mountain. |
For detailed information on the Mountain Magic program, including meeting times and locations, please visit the Mountain Magic page. 
For helpful tips for parents, please visit our Parent Information page. 
Can't find the information you need? Give us a call at 866.266.7081

Base Elevation Lift Ticket

Redeem your Base Elevation pass here for 10-20% off already discounted online tickets.|

Rental Package

The Ski Rental Package includes Skis, Boots and Poles or a Snowboard Package includes a Snowboard and Boots. |