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Junior Pro

The Junior Professional Program is designed to prepare responsible teens for careers in the ski industry and expose them to coaching situations in their final year of the program. Besides career guidance, coaches also focus on serious all-mountain skiing and riding. |
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The Bubblecuffer Program focuses on camaraderie and team spirit, inspired by the love of skiing and riding. By training on diverse terrain and in a variety of conditions, all-around skills and safe habits are developed. |

Big Mountain Program

The Big Mountain Program introduces kids to basic avalanche training, winter camping scenarios and back-country awareness while skiing or riding Sugarloaf's legendary side-country terrain. When conditions permit, the group may explore off-piste using touring equipment. |

All Mountain Program

The All Mountain Program was created for the skier or snowboarder who thinks groomed trails are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enjoying the mountain. The group will focus on safety, tactical decision making in difficult terrain, and all mountain mastery...all while having fun and making lifelong friends. |